The Three Sisters Rally Challenge 2017.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Ian Rowlance of will be sponsoring The Three Sisters Rally Challenge 2017 once again. This free to enter Challenge has over £500.00 worth of cash prizes to be won, overall and class awards.
The Challenge consists of the three special stage rallies held at Three Sisters Race Circuit, Wigan as follows:-
The Roskirk Stages, Sunday 12-3-2017 organised by BSSMC.
The Cetus Stages, Sunday 14-5-2017 organised by Wigan DMC.
The Adgespeed Stages Sunday 8-10-2017 organised by Wigan DMC.
Regulations are available on the motor club website:-
The regulations and entry form for the first rally in the challenge, The Roskirk Stages organised by Blackpool South Shore Motor Club can be downloaded at:-

Membership Renewals for 2017.

You can download a membership renewal form under “Club Info” and send the completed form to Mike King the membership secretary, at the address at the bottom of the form. Please include S.A.E. with your membership fee of still only £5.00.

Adgespeed stages 2016 Seeded entry list:

1 Ian Rowlance Lynn Rowlance Metro 6R4 E
2 Martyn Tinker Iain Peterson Exige D
3 Howard Potter Martin Haggett Sunbeam C
4 Brandon Smith Chris Sharpe-Simkiss Darrian T9 E
5 Geoff Roberts Terry Martin Darrian T90 E
6 John Stone Alex Stone Fiesta D
7 Mike Taylor Louise Gilks Talbot Sunbeam E
8 Kevin Jones Holly Alcock Escort D
9 Mark Roberts Steven Landen Escort Cosworth E
10 Cathy Sewart Stuart Gilks Sunbeam E
11 Tim Whiting Louis Baines Escort E
12 Brian Whiting Matt Daniels Fiesta E
13 Mark Kelly Andy Baker Escort D
14 Mike Riley Phil Gough Escort D
15 Jack Darbyshire TBA Saxo C
16 John Darlington Lauren Hewitt Subaru Impreza E
17 Philip Jennings George Jennings BMW E
18 Noel McMullan Patrick McMullan Escort D
19 Stephen Ellison Adrian Lloyd Escort Mk11 D
20 Dale Carter Mark Carter Astra E
21 Ryan Fagan Rhiannon Griffiths Escort D
22 Phil Merrills Pauline Merrills Avenger C
23 Adam Gillespie Liam Perkins Saxo C
24 Ian Bruce Ashley Young Civic D
25 Peter Sharples James Swallow Anglia C
26 Stephen Bright Patricia Davies Mitsubishi Evo D
27 Alan Pemberton Keith Miles Audi Quattro E
28 Jackson Willett Stephen Turner Clio RS D
29 Richard Kay Adam Kay Vauhall Corsa C
30 Dave Farrer Mark Farrer BMW E
31 Jack Ives Paul Lundstrom Escort D
32 Sion Jones Gethin Williams Saxo C
33 Angela Jones William Jarman Peugout D
34 David Smith Brian Cartwright Volvo E
35 Calvin Woods Connor Aspey Lupo B
36 Martin Melling Carmel Venables Mini Cooper B
37 Paul Edwards Tony Gush Clio D
38 Ryan Simpson Ryan Cairns Saxo C
39 Trevor Groves Lauren Groves Porsche D
40 Chris Cooper Darren Riley Vauhall Corsa C
41 Garry Watson Jorden Joines Sunbeam C
42 William Hignet David Terry Sierra D
43 Hayden Forrester James Wood MG ZR D
44 Andrew Morris Chloe Thoams Polo B
45 Russell Starkie Phil Shaw Fiesta D
46 Lee Balshaw Jordan Duxbury Golf Gti D
47 Charles Andrews Christina Lang Honda Integra D
48 Alan King Shawn King Fiat Punto B
49 Tim Harding Heather Gibbons VW Polo C
50 Balint Nemeth Wayne Ward Subaru E
51 Rick Ford Paul Marshall Mini Cooper B
52 Paul Richards Michael Bromley Corsa B
53 Gethin Sharp Sion Cunniff Yaris A

New Meeting Place.

The next meeting of the motor club 22-8-2016, will take place at The Red Lion, Lowton, just off the East Lancashire Road at approx. 20:30 hours in the Conservatory.
Satnav info. WA3 1HE. If we all like the venue we will make it our permanent home.
Find Us Red Lion Pub & Dining in Lowton | Warrington
The Red Lion pub in Lowton, Warrington.

Seeded Entry List – Cetus Stages 08-05-16

Cetus Stages 2016 – Seeded entry list
Driver Co-Driver Car Class
1 Rob Hughes Sion Cunnniff Focus RWD D
2 Martyn Tinker Iain Peterson Exige D
3 Brandon Smith Chris Sharpe-Simkiss Darrian T9 E
4 Howard Potter Martin Haggett Sunbeam C
5 Mike Taylor Cat Lund Sunbeam Lotus E
6 Martin Hodgson Roy Bell Escort Mk2 E
7 Mike English Gary Hyman Escort Mk2 D
8 Stuart Gilks Louise Gilks Sunbeam D
9 Sean Cassidy Sean Devlin Ford Fiesta E
10 Dale Carter Mark Carter Subaru Impreza E
11 Mark Borthwick Phil Boyle Escort Mk2 E
12 John Darlington Lauren Hewitt Impreza E
13 Mike Riley Phil Gough Ford Escort D
14 Ryan Burns Steve Hallmark Corsa C
15 Cathy Sewart Colins Stephens Sunbean Lotus E
16 Petr Krizan Jamoir Svec Evo 9 E
17 Brian Whiting Tim Whiting Ford Fiesta E
18 Mark Kelly Andy Baker Escort Mk2 D
19 Geoff Mcquilling Stephen Landen Civic C
20 Andrew Morris Chole Thomas Escort Mk2 D
21 Dave Roberts Dave Owen Escort Mk2 D
22 David Gratrix Iain Reece Clio D
23 Roger Titley Christopher Page BMW E36 E
24 Ian Bruce Paulin Merrills Honda Civic Type R D
25 Matthew Jakeman Gary Jakeman Saxo C
26 Adam Gillespie Liam Perkins Saxo C
27 Jeff Simm Graham Hutchinson Sunny C
28 James Hallam Daniel Grimes Subaru Impreza E
29 Dan Woods Tony Garrett Peugeot 106 Gti C
30 Jack Darbyshire Matthew Kendall Saxo C
31 Stephen Bright Patricia Davies Evo E
32 Angela Jones William Jarman Peugeot 205 Gti D
33 Stephen Ellison Adrian Lloyd Ford Escort D
34 John Lloyd Neil Ralph Clio D
35 Rob Jones Tony Archer Fiesta B
36 Trevor Groves Laura Groves Porsche D
37 William Hignett David Terry Ford Sierra D
38 Ryan Sainty Ashley Young VW Lupo B
39 Stephen Ball Christopher Ball Ford Escort D
40 Calvin Woods Dayle Traynor VW Lupo A
41 Anton Simpson-idy Alan King Lupo B
42 Matthew Gibson Matthew Daniels Escort Mk2 C
43 Martin Young Callum Young Micra A
44 Octavia Hopwood Laim Carey VW Golf Gti D
45 Ben Hopkinson Ian Hopkinson Ford Ka B
46 Peter King James Coxon Ford Focus D
47 Elizabeth Donker Curtius TBA Micra A
48 Tony Read Helen Russell Corsa Class D

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