Cetus Stages 12-05-2019 Final Results.

A full set of results for the Cetus Stages 12-05-2019 can be found on The Catalyst Results website at :- www.catalyst-results.co.uk

See you all back for the Adgespeed Stages in October 2019 the final round of The 6r4.com Three Sisters Rally Challenge 2019.

A big thank you to all the marshals and officials that made it a great day of motorsport, see you all back in October for the Adgespeed Stages.

Updated results for The 6r4.com Three Sisters Rally Challenge 2019 will be posted shortly.

Cetus Stages Sunday 12-05-2019 Seeded Entry List.

Cetus Stages Sunday 12-05-2019 Seeded Entry List.

1. Mike English Lewis English D
2. Mark Smith Tim Nunn E
3. Sean Cassidy Sean Devlin E
4. Andrew Morris Chloe Thomas D
5. Rob Cox Joe Graham D
6. Geoffrey McQuilling Stephen Landen C
7. Graham Muter Rob Bryn Jones D
8. Wayne Thomas Darrel Thomas E
9. John Darlington Lauren Hewitt E
10. Adam Williams Rachael Atherton E
11. Jason Wilson Lee Wilson D
12. Richard Bromley Callum Young B
14. Greg Williams Jonathon Kennedy E
15. Dan Woods Tony Garrett C
16. James Swallows Victoria Swallows E
17. Calvin Woods Connor Aspey B
18. George Merrills Grace Pedley D
19. Keith Anglesea Lewis Griffiths D
20. Rob Jones Tom Murphy E
21. Neil Philpotts Neill Cousins E
22. Sam Steel Karryl Steel C
23. Richard MacDonald Neil MacDonald E
24. Darren Roberts Paul Redford B
25. Roy Wadsley Steve Wilson E
26. Andrew Potts Dave Wilkinson C
27. Shane Smith Chris Smith D
28. Andy Wright Nigel Powell D
29. Josh Evans Martin Young D
30. Nikhil Evans Jordon Carabine C
31. Simon Evans Neville Boulds C
32. Peter Jackson Ben Ruff C
33. Paul Yeomans Dean Ross C
34. Lee Jones Carole Jones D
35. Adam Philpotts Graham McDougall B
36. Tom Urquhart Dan Tribe A
37. Lauren Groves Sion Cunniff B
38. Billy Walden Jane Walden B
39. Phil Shaw Paul Stringer B
40. Ian Hopkinson Robert Hopkinson B
41. Stephen Ellison Chris Johnson D
42. Chris Kelly Michael Jones C