Club Meetings


The Red Lion, Lowton is where we meet every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.

The Red Lion, 324 Newton Road, Lowton, Warrington, WA3 1HE
Wigan & District Motor Club Diary for 2017.
Monday 9-1-17 Club Meeting. Monday 23-1-17 Club Meeting.
Monday 13-2-17 Pre Cetus Meet. Monday 27-2-17 Pre Cetus Meet.
Monday 13-3-17 Pre Cetus Meet. Monday 27-3-17 Pre Cetus Meet.
Monday 10-4-17 Pre Cetus Meet. Monday 24-4-17 Pre Cetus Meet.
Monday 8-5-17 Cetus Stages Meeting.
Sunday 14-5-2017 Cetus Stages Three Sisters Race Circuit, Wigan.
Monday 22-5-17 Post Cetus Stages Meeting.
Monday 12-6-17 Club Meeting. Monday 26-6-17 Club Meeting.
Monday 10-7-17 Club Meeting. Monday 24-7-17 Club Meeting.
Monday 14-8-17 Pre Adgespeed Meet. Monday 28-8-17 Pre Adgespeed Meet.
Monday 11-9-17 Pre Adgespeed Meet. Monday 25-9-17 Pre Adgespeed Meet.
Monday 8-10-17 Adgespeed Stages Three Sisters Race Circuit, Wigan.
Monday 9-10-17 Post Adgeseed Stages meeting.
Monday 23-10-17 Club Meeting. Monday 13-11-17 Club Meeting.
Monday 27-11-17 Club Meeting. Monday.
Monday 11-12-17 Club Christmas Party Free Hot Food.
Monday 25-12-17 Christmas Day, no meeting, all elephant’s trunk.