Adgespeed Stages 07-10-2018.


1.  Matt Walk Adrian Walk Ford Fiesta B
2. Nick Baker Pete Bowles Ford Fiesta B
3. Richard Bromley Terry Martin Vauxhall Nova B withdrawn
4. Tim Metcalfe Caron Tomlinson Ford Fiesta RS C
5. Nikhil Evans Andy Evans Peugeot 205 Gti C
6. Richard Kay Adam Kay Vauxhall Corsa C
7. Brandon Smith Chris Sharpe-Simkiss Darrian 190gt E
8. Steve Ball Tony Larkin Subaru Impreza E
9. Steve Davies Lucy Wilding Renault Clio 172 Cup D
10. Roger Titley Chris Ransley BMW 328 E
11. Calvin Woods Connor Aspey VW Lupo B
12. Tom Blackwood Gordon Winning Ford Escort MK2 E
13. Jane Walden Billy Walden Nissan Micra B
14. Mark Smith Tim Nunn Ford Escort RS E
15. Ashleigh Morris Jamie Mactavish Ford Fiesta R200 C
16. Andrew Morris Chloe Thomas Ford Escort MK2 D
17. Nick Stamper Matt Daniels Subaru Impreza E
18. Eric Roberts Iwan Pritchard Ford Escort MK2 withdrawn
19. Adam Gillespie Liam Perkins Subaru Impreza withdrawn
20. Berwyn Evans Mari Evans Ford Escort MK2 E
21. Mark Livesley Graham Brown Nissan Micra A
22. Arthur MacMillan Hugo MacMillan Ford Escort MK1 D
23. John Carroll TBA Honda Civic EP3R D
24. Tom Morris Colin Harkness Skoda Fabia S2500 E
25. Adam Williams Rachael Atherton Subaru Impreza E
26. Philip Ball Christopher Ball Ford Escort MK1 D
27. James Swallow Jack Mather BMW Compact E
28. John Stone Alex Stone Ford Fiesta S2500 E
29. Keith Anglesea Martin Pendlebury BMW Compact D
30. Matthew Fraser TBA Citroen C1 A
31. Chris Cooper TBA TBA TBA
32. Ryan Burns Steve Hallmark Vauxhall Corsa C
33. Greg Williams Jonathan Kennedy Subaru Impreza E
34. Geoff McQuilling Llinos Jones Honda Civic C
35. Ian Rowlance Lynn Rowlance MG Metro 6R4 E
36. Gary Newton Shere Gordon Ford KA B
37. Matt Pierce TBA Ford Escort MK2 D
38. Lee Hartley Barry Armer Skoda Felicia B
39. Steven Cawsey Keneth Cawsey Ford Focus D
40. Bill Hignett Simon Barnes Ford Sierra D
41. Adrian Melling Carmel Venables Rover Mini B
42. John Darlington Lauren Hewitt Subaru Impreza E
43. Chris Thomas Caroline Lodge Sunbeam C
44. Mark Rowlands Richard Mason Ford Escort MK2 E
45. John Deegan Chris Smith Subaru Justy C
46. Paul Wild Andrew Hutchinson Peugeot 205 D
Helen Fox Entries Sec.
17 entries left.

Cetus Stages Sunday 13-5-2018 Final Results.

Cetus Stages 13-5-2018 Final Results.Thanks to everyone who attended, officiated and competed in the Cetus Stages yesterday at Three sisters race Circuit, we were blessed with good weather and some strong competition.

Congratulations to John & Alex Stone on winning the rally again in their Ford Fiesta 2500, from our Championship sponsor Dr. Ian Rowlace & Lynn Rowlance in their Metro 6r4.

See you all back for the final round of The Three Sisters Rally Challenge 2018, The Adgespeed Stages on Sunday 7-10-2018.

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