Cetus Stages 12-05-2019 Unseeded Entry List.

Unseeded entries received to date. 22-03-2019.

1. Nikhill Evans/Jordan Carabine C
2. Richard MacDonald/Andrew MacDonald E
3. Mark Smith/Tim Nunn E
4. Dan Woods/Tony Garrett C
5. Sam Steel Kerryl Steel C
6. Ian Hopkinson Robert Hopkinson B
7. Mark Dempster Owain Thomas D
8. Will Cooper Archie Cooper D
9. Ryan Jenkinson TBA TBA

Further entries are held pending, waiting for the bank to clear payment.

Cetus Stages 12-05-2019.

The online entry form and regulations are now posted for the Cetus Stages 2019, hover your curser over “Cetus Stages 2019” under the Wigan Motor Club banner, for the online entry form and regulations.